Red Lightning
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You`ve found a place of healthy, funny, playful and beautiful MBT puppies! Parents and puppies have medical care and all necessary genetic check
Команда мини бультерьеров питомника Red Lightning, Киев. Украина
I`m Katerina, I work with bullterriers more than 25 years, and I work with MBT since 2015. Our MBT team - are funny and playful family dogs, they are ready to play, fly, entertain and dance everywhere and everytime. I`m happy to invite you to join to the loveful and funny "universe" named as "Miniature Bullterrier"!
You`re welcome!
Бультерьер миниатюрній - порода, которая не оставит вас равнодушным!
A breed that cannot leave you indifferent!
What is the miniature bullterrier breed? These are energetic, funny, playful and very friendly dog with middle size (up to 36cm height and 10-18kg weight). A human-oriented and friendly breed! These dogs are permanently looking for play, fun and entertainment with adult and children. For which it is very important to be close to its owner and his family. Smart, quick-witted, energetic clowns of the canine world - they are "for any movement, except hunger strike." Always ready to play, fool around or sleep on the couch - it all depends on the mood of your beloved owner!
Parents of the litter
Puppies are available now. Please write us using "fast connection" button, or fill in the form below.
Могут ли собаки летать? Спросите об этом у щенка миниатюрного бультерьера!
Is a dog may fly? It seems to us, these dogs flies more than runs on the ground ;)
What we offer?
Looking for a MBT puppy please note a few important things that we offer to you:
All our mini-bullets are healthy, undergo regular medical examinations and are tested for all breed genetic diseases.
This is an important point - you get an FCI puppy card, which you can later exchange for a pedigree. And only this document confirms the breed of the dog.
Buying a miniature bull terrier puppy from us, you can be sure that it will grow into a mini-bull! Not a cop, not a bulldog, not a standard bull terrier, but a really miniature bull terrier!
I will tell you from "A" to "Z" on all issues - care, nutrition, health, training, toys, safety, etc. Believe me, this support is invaluable!
Our lovely dogs and puppies live in our family home with permanent care and survelliance. With no cages and aviaries. They walk and play every day in contact with adults, children and other animals. All puppies are health, succesfully vaccinated, have genetic tests and veterinary passport
Our MBT Team
Now is the time to introduce you to our minibull team. Each of which is a unique, inimitable character, a lump of energy, fun, and at the same time immense devotion to man
Voice of Red Lightning
Home name - Micky
Vangard Choice Of Red Lightning
Home name - Batman
Carambol Adamant-ua
Home name - Kiwi
Human Sight Avvenente at Red Lightning
Home name - Bugy
Rules Bull Zlotiy at Red Lightning
Home name - Zlotiy
Мини бультерьеры - веселая и озорная порода собак, очень дружелюбных к человеку.
Owner`s feedback
Katya, Bulat is a wonderful child! Thank you! He is a very smart guy, we have never had such dogs!
Julia, Bulat's owner, Kiev
Masik is the most loyal dog in the world! Doesn't leave me a single step! And so smart! We adore it with the whole family! (translated from French)
Celine, Masik`s owner, France
How funny and affectionate he is! Perfect friend! Thank you for Gosha!
Marina, owner of Gosha, Kiev
We can no longer imagine how we lived without Rory) So much happiness in this baby! Thank you for it!
Evgeniya, Rory's mistress, Kiev
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